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Announced on January 9, 2007, iPhone is a multimedia smart phone designed by Apple Inc. Unlike many other phones, iPhone is lack of a physical keyboard, but it does feature much more functions, from sending universal text messaging to emailing friends, having visual voicemail, browsing web, installing and running various apps, etc. And most important, iPhone is also a portable media player which lets you carry audio and video files on the way. It supports music, audio book, podcast, applications and media. Within an iPhone in your hand, your digital life is always full of fun and joy.

Due to the popularity of iPhone and its functionality of music entertainment, more and more users like to listen music with this beautiful handset . Currently, the most popular music formats that can be played on iPhone are MP3 and WMA. Do you want to fit in your iPhone gadget with popular or classic songs but not sure where to get them? Or do you want to personalize ringtone for your iPhone? Here we will be revealing a powerful software which can download free music to iPhone and also make your own ringtones directly.

If you already have an iPhone and want to broaden the music in it, all you need to do is to get a free trial on this free software – Free Music Downloader.

Step 1 : Get Free Music Downloader

First of all, take a free trial for the software from above link, install it properly on your computer and then activate it. This tool helps to download free music and also convert them to the right formats that are supported by you iPhone or other players.

Step 2: Start to download free music from internet

You can download music quickly and easily with this free music downloader. All you need to do is to forward to main interface, type the title of music into search field, then click “Search Music”. Wait a while for the program to return you with downloadable music resources available online. Choose a song from the search results and then you can listen to it directly by clicking the “Headset” icon on the right-side.  If you feel satisfied with that song, just click “Down Arrow” to add the music to download queue.

You can keep adding as many music as you want to downloads while each song usually takes 2-3 minutes to finish. Once done, you can find them in the output directory set by the program. Most songs downloaded from web are readily to use on iPhone as long as they’re in MP3 and WMA.

However, if your device is not compatible with downloaded music, you can Press “Tools” button from top menu, turn to “Audio Converter”. Here you can choose the files just downloaded by pressing “Add” button. And then, select MP3 or WMA as output format. After that, you just indicate a destination folder under “Format” field and can  hit “Start” on bottom-right to start with conversion. Only give it a few more while and you can get iPhone compatible songs.

Step3: Import music to iTunes

Launch iTunes, go to menu bar “iTunes” > “File” > “Add File to Library”, so as to import target music from output folder into iTunes. On the other hand, you may also drag and drop the music files into iTunes’s interface directly.

Step4: Transfer music to iPhone

Connect iPhone to your computer, check the songs which have just been added to iTunes library, and then you can sync music files from computer to it. (Manually-syncing is highly recommended).

Again, here’s the link to download free music downloader.

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