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How to download music to Samsung phone

The innovation of technology  has aroused the popularity of many electronic devices, while smart phone is just one of them. When we are talking about a smart phone, it’s more likely to be a consumer product with a large market. Yes, it is not hard to acquire a smart phone like Samsung’s, for nearly everyone is using it as a necessity of his/her life. Among the top five mobile sellers, Samsung phone has got a great market share and become the must-have for many digital users.
download free music to Samsung phone

As we also know that  Samsung phone represents the advanced technologies that bring loads of benefits for phone consumers. They can do  many things on Samsung phones such as playing games, taking photos or listening to music. With the tendency like this, people are more willing to define mobiles like Samsung’s as a portable media player or station. Then how to download music to Samsung phone has become the problem that people are trying to figure out.

An ideal solution to download free music to Samsung phone

If you have any similar concerns, just let Free Music Downloader address your question. With this music downloader and converter, you can easily manage to download songs to Samsung phone within minutes. Below is a step-by-step instruction for you.

1. First and foremost

Next time you download music to Samsung phone, make sure you download and install Free Music Downloader on your computer.

download music to Samsung phone

2. Search for music

Click the icon to start the program, find your favorite music for downloading in search field. Take Justin Bieber’s “Never Say Never” for example, just search the music title and hit “Search Music”, so that you can get your desired music.

download songs to Samsung phone


3. Download and convert music

Now actually you need to know is how to download the music. Follow up the previous step, you can locate to a search result returned by the program, check the box next to it, and then hit “Download” icon in the same row.  After that, you still need to convert the music to your mobile compatible format. So forward to “Audio Converter”, add your downloaded audio files to the list for conversion and then click “Convert”.

Note: you may also edit your songs by trimming unwanted parts before conversion.

4. Transfer music to Samsung Phone

All you need in the last step is to transfer your music to Samsung phone. For example, if you are a user of Samsung flight 2, you can put music on to it by connecting the USB cable to your computer and then copying downloaded music to your mobiles.

All listed above are helpful tips for you to download songs to Samsung phone with Free Music Downloader. Sure, if you are a user of iPhone, you can also download free music to iPhone with this music downloader. Do not miss this good opportunity to enrich music collection on your Samsung phone, you will find it a nice choice after experiencing the functions.

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