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30 Ways to Download Free Music

Although CDs remain a common way for people to acquire music, digital music services continue to build momentum. With the tendency that more and more people tend to stream music online via P2P file-sharing sites, the whole music industry as well as many musicians are facing big challenge. Still, people like me are glad to know that music becomes easier to access than before. So people keep asking where to stream and download free music. And in my specific case, I was also looking for how to download free music for iPod to listen on-the-go. In this article, we’ve reviewed nearly 30 free music downloader tools which can quickly enrich your music collections.

1. Free music downloader - This is by far the best desktop application I have seen for downloading any types of music off the Internet. This tool features a handy music search engine as well as music downloader, letting users easily search their favorite songs through internet and download them instantly.

Highlighted Feature: Built-in Ringtone Maker

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2. Streaming Audio Recorder – Do you want to keep the origin sound quality of streaming music on web? With this tool, you can easily record online music, internet radio and record sound from Microphone, Line-in, or music played by radio stations, Windows Media Player, Quick Time, Real Player, DVD player, video games, etc.

Highlighted Feature: Record anything as you want.

3. YouTube to MP3 – This tool can search YouTube music, download and them convert to MP3 format. The music files you get will be compatible with your MP3 Player, iPod, iPad, PS3, etc. You can also download from a specified URL address if you know where to download the music.

Highlighted Feature: Powerful Music Search engine.

4. YouTube Music Converter - Extract music directly from YouTube videos and turn them into MP3, WMA, AAC, OGG, etc for playing on all systems and devices.

5. – This is actually a website, on which you can find links to download audio files. These files are stored somewhere else on the internet and are NOT a part of this website. claims that they don’t carry ANY responsibility for them, but instead collect links and index the download resources found on other sites. So bear in min that, this site has no control and 100% guarantee for the music sources you find on it.

6. Aimini – Aimini P2P software allows using PozID, IP, Hostname or URLs address to connect up in between users. It lets people communicate over the Internet, holding real-time messengers for people to see, hear, and exchange information with each other. Aimini P2P software supports industry standards and offers rich data transmission, including music and video files. Thus, you’re allowed to use this tool to exchange songs with your friends, broadening your music library with ease.

7. Musicrake – A full-featured media entertainment tool for people to listen to Radio, download MP3, watch TV, Watch Movie, Lyrics, and anything you want for free.

8. - It’s a slick and all-inclusive music streaming site. With years of history, is fueled by an active community of musicians and fans who live to spread music. The site caters to artists looking to promote their works and interact with listeners. If you’re a music fan who is eager to discover new music, then this site will be a nice choice for you.

9. Mp3Raid – Mp3Raid provides free mp3 downloads and it has over 255 full albums. Any visitors can search the songs they want, including free lyrics, new mp3 hits, dance trance mp3, top 100 singles, A-Z lyrics and more. This site also has neighbor links to several other free MP3 sites.

10. - is a social community for musicians to communicate with music fans on internet. It allows artists to share their music and promote themselves through interaction. In return, anyone can listen, download, send, and comment on songs for free. The community also lets visitors to set up profiles with pictures, journals (blogs), personal info, and more.

11. - is an online music station that covers all kinds of music genres. It is the only major music site on the Net that covers the most complete music scene by combining features, articles, interviews, contests and reviews with exclusive legal audio, video and lyrics.

12. Seekasong - As the name says, this site lets people see songs and listen or download them in leisure.

13. Hot-Mp3-Now - This site has the essential features as listed below.
- Unlimited Music Downloads
- DVD Quality Movie Downloads
- Music Video Downloads
- Millions of available files
- Turbo charged download speeds
- Millions of worldwide users
- Burn your own DVD/CDs
- Prevent Popups and Spyware
- Privacy Protection

14. – offers contents in four major categories: Software (including PC, Mac, and mobile), Music, Games, and Videos. All resources are hosted on the’s servers and also third-party servers. Here it provides free music in MP3, rights-managed WMAs or audio streams.

15. Ziddu – Ziddu is a Free file Hosting website. Users can upload, Share and Earn. You’re supposed to find many Photo / Video Albums and Slide shows shared by people here. Those stuffs are 100% Free but the people who upload them will get paid when someone downloads their files.

16. RapidShare – RapidShare is a German website that operates from Switzerland and is financed by the subscriptions of paying users. Rapidshare is one of the world’s largest file-hosting sites with millions of files stored on its servers. Just like Ziddu, you’re allowed to download free music resources from this site, too.

17. Stafeband – This site provides free music downloads on the right-column where you may get your favorite songs with no hassle.

18. Feerl – This is probably the best free music search engine on the web. Moreover, it also attaches download links o the search results.

19. – is a free and 100% legal MP3 music download website. offers over 50,000 free songs, covering nearly all conceivable genre. There’re popular songs as well as acoustic soundtracks recorded from concerts. is able to make music free to download in legal way, because it carries out advertisements all over the site to cover the cost of royalty and maintenance. Music can be downloaded in the popular MP3 format, which can be played on the vast majority of portable devices as well as a computers.

20. - This is the Chinese biggest music download center which gives you English songs too.

21. – Another niche site which enables music fans to sSearch and download from over 13 million songs, music videos and lyrics. It has a huge collection of free music in all ages. All songs are in the MP3 format and can be played on any computer or on any MP3 Player. It provides live concert albums of your favorite bands, too.

22. – With a large number of subscribers based in US, the site is popular among a female, fairly wealthy, teen, more African American audiences.

23. Dilanlou – In, you can listen and download all your MP3 music. It also prompts users to install their search engine bar to browser, so as to hunt for fresh music when surfing internet.

24. Misshaker – A site for people to free download anime, video, movie, and music MP3. Whenever you have been caught by the background music of anime episodes and want to get that appealing song, you may find the answers here.

25. Mp3000 – This is a site which keeps updating with new songs. Each song added this way shows the release time as well as the date it comes to this site.

26. Jukeboxalive – This site requires users to register to get music for free, but it also comes with some stuffs that you may not find on other sites. So if you cannot get what you want on, just give it a try.

Here’re the good software solutions and sites recommended for downloading and listening music for free. And if you have and good ideas,you can write a comment under this article.

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  • 1 Ciare Cardinne ~ Dec 15, 2008 at 5:54 am

    I use TuneCab Online Video Catcher to download, save and convert any online video (YouTube, Google, CNN etc).

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  • 2 suzanne lévesque ~ Jan 8, 2009 at 5:40 am

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  • 4 ahlonko ~ Feb 10, 2009 at 1:27 pm

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